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Missionary Carlisle Hanna (April, 2012) "We had a really bad storm recently. Villages were wiped out. Some people who came to church here (Sonapur)for our Good Friday Service went back to their villages to find not a single house or even a leaf on a tree. Of course, not only our believers are suffering. They are cooking some rice and pulse for the people. This usually lasts for a day or two and then there is least a hundred of our church families are left with nothing. Thanks for praying for those suffering."

Cyclone Report

Hail Damage Hail Damage undersideInside Damaged Church LeftInside Church Right viewTwo weeks later another storm hit an area north of the previous storm. In addition to the damage to crops and homes the hail caused extensive damage to several Church Buildings. These are pictures of the damage to the Marie Hanna Church.