Travis Poston

    An early morning knock changed their world. A tragic accident had claimed the life of the only son of Terry and Cynthia Poston. Grief almost overwhelmed them but plans had to be made. During the planning, Ronnie Jones suggested that a memorial for missions be set up in lieu of so many flowers. A call was made to the SCFWBPromotional Office, a need was shared, and God began to work.
     Missionary Carlisle Hanna had shared the need for land for Churches in India and it was decided to establish the “Travis Poston Memorial Fund for Missions” in order to purchase land in India. The original goal was $6000- as of September 30, 2001 the fund stood at nearly th $15,000 (Glory!). See the chart below to see how God continues to use this annual fund to build His kingdom in India.
     Only God can take the darkest moment of a couples life and turn it into a means of bringing light to the lost in India (Contributions are still being accepted in order to purchase more land in India).

     Multitudes of People in India worship the living God in a Block Church today in part because of the continued ministry of the Travis Poston Memorial Land Fund. Thank you to each person who has contributed to this effort. Your gift has eternal value. 

09 Travis Poston Offering Information Letter

12 Travis Poston Offering Information Letter

Travis Poston Memorial Land Fund Gifts
2001  $23,443.00
2002 $25,811.11
2003 $8,675.00
2004 $11,057.00
2005 $12,302.00
2006 $12,711.00
2007 $26,335.00
2008 $12,792.00
2009 $7,818.00
2010 $4,629.00
2011 $4,321.01
2012 $18,380.00
2013 $20,914.00
2014 $9,403.00
2015 $6,100.00
2016 $8,343.00
2017 $5,563.00
2018 $8,500.00
2020 $7,878.00
TOTAL $248,387.12 GLORY!