Carlisle Hanna India
The 2012 Goal of Friends of India is to enlist more Prayer Warriors for God’s Work in India and to raise $250,000 in order to build Churches and continue to reach the multitudes of unsaved people in India. YOU can be part of this with a simple formula- TAKE FIVE AND GIVE FIVE.

            TAKE FIVE MINUTES each day to pray for God’s work in India- Missionaries Carlisle and Don Hanna, the India Pastors and Workers, and the continued spread of the Gospel. [Prayer items should include such things as the Health and Safety of the Leaders and Workers, the increased Bible Knowledge of the students at the Bible Institutes, the care and support of the boys at the Boy’s Home Hostel, the growth in Christian Character and Conduct of the new Believers, and the power of the Holy Spirit in the testimonies and messages of the Pastors, evangelists, and those who walk with the Lord. Also remember to pray that God would provide needed resources and wisdom for this great work].

            GIVE FIVE DOLLARS a week to Friends of India in order to support the existing ministries, to expand the building of Churches, and to help with necessary expenses of this great work for God. 100% of what you give will be used to continue reaching souls in India. [If 1000 people give $5.00 per week then we will reach our goal of $250,000 this year!]


  1. To GIVE AT YOUR LOCAL CHURCH: Five dollars per week can easily be given as a check of $25 per month or in one Annual payment of $300. Simply put “Friends of India” on the memo line and the Church Treasurer will make sure your gift is forwarded to Friends of India.
    Rev. Mike Jones, Friends of India
    2434 Allen Road
    Effingham, SC 29541
THANK YOU for being part of reaching multitudes of people with the Life Changing Gospel of Christ in India