CrowdIndiaare the "spear head" of evangelistic efforts. They travel from village to village sharing the gospel and planting the seed for the growth of the Gospel Witness and the expanding of God's Kingdom. As soon as enough people show interest then a Pastor will come to hold services and explain more of the Gospel. Eventually, the meetings move from under trees into a home (if one is made available). Then, as funds become available, land is purchased and a permanent church is built.

EvangelistClassMINISTRY INFORMATION: Missionary Carlisle Hanna presently employs 100- 120 Evangelist-Church Planters. Often half of these Evangelist-Church Planters are working from village to village while the other half are in training. After two weeks, those in training replace those on the field and those on the field enter into training. This allows men under intense pressure to receive renewed educational and encouragement support on a regular schedule. During times when training is not available these men are encouraged to spend several days each week renewing family and community connections.



PRAYER SUPPORT: Evangelist-Church Planters face persecution as they travel from village to village sharing the Gospel with people who were raised with many different beliefs. Many people are hungry to hear the truth but others feel threatened by that truth and the change it will bring. These workers greatly need your prayers.

NOTE: For safety and security reason we do not publish the names or schedules of these workers. Our Pastors are in such highly visible situations in the communities until their names are well known and can be published. Evangelist-Church Planters work more "behind the scenes". Their work is extremely important and their rewards will be great in Heaven but circumstances demand they work in obscurity at present.

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