Our Boy's Home (Hostel) Ministry

Woolsey Hostel

Our Boy's Home is dedicated to our first missionaries to Northern India, Rev Paul and Nell Woolsey

Hostel Building

The Hostel Building is located on our main compound beside the home of Missionary Carlisle Hanna and surrounded by the homes of several of our main Pastors so the Children always are coming into contact with positive influences.

All Hostel Boys

These are all of our Hostel Boys as they prepare to share in a conference program.

Hostel Boys 1

Some of the Boys from the Boy's Home who had been helping with special activities. Each of the boys maintains a rigorous schedule of study and are assigned duties each day (Such as helping to prepare meals or clean yards). In addition to daily Bible Study, these boys get to share in the numerous religious activities that take place on the compound where the Boy's Home is located.

Staff of Hostel

The Staff at our Hostel works very hard to insure that the Childrenare well cared for and that they develop mentally, physically, and spiritually. Almost all of our main Pastors have come up through the Hostel Ministry so you can see the long term impact this ministry has on the these boys who otherwise may be living hand to mouth on the streets.