Church Buildings in Northern India

Build a church

Churches (like almost everything else) are built in Northern India by using a lot of human labor. Each Church will seat from 200-500 people- There are no pews. People crowd together on the cement floor but they are out of the intense heat and the monsoon rains.

Shalom church

Shalom Church is built on the outskirts of a major town in northern India. Note the veranda to allow the overflow crowd to stand. The 2 rooms in the back are a place for the Pastor and his family to stay. This provides lodging for the Pastor and security for the church property. Note that all property must have a fence surrounding it.

sheila marie church


The Sheila Hanna Memorial Church was built by the family of Missionary Carlisle Hanna in memory of the daughter of Carlisle and Marie Hanna who died shortly after their arrival in India. This church has already given "birth" to two other churches in the area and it is packed with worshippers each week.

Hanna Memorial Church


The main church on our main compound will hold over 500 people and it is the center of our activities. In addition to weekly worship services, other special meetings are held here on a regular basis.