The Mission of Friends of India is to Promote and Preserve the Ministry God has developed among Free Will Baptists in India. Funds provided by contributors to Friends of India enable us to support ongoing projects while we continue to expand the ministry of reaching souls, building churches, and establishing disciples as followers of Christ. Other social, educational, and religious works such as disaster relief, Bible Institutes, and life style improvements (such as water supplies) for the people of India are helped by this ministry.

A Great God continues to do Great Things and we rejoice at the opportunity to reach another generation with Good News and Good Training

If your VBS or Church wants another Project- We need 6 computers for the India School ($500 each). And Remember- You eat an elephant a BITE AT A TIME. If you are scared of the $9,000 just remember that 9 churches can raise $1,000 each

The Board of S C FRIENDS OF INDIA is excited to WELCOME REV. LANNEY ARD (SCFWB Executive Secretary) as a new Board Member. He has already been a great Help to the Board and we look forward to God continuing to Do Great Things as we continue to Build HIS work in India.

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